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MAX Rock Report for Friday, December 19, 2014:

*The Recording Academy yesterday announced that George Harrison, the Bee Gees and Buddy Guy are among the artists being honored with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. The musicians, a well as  country duo the Louvin Brothers, jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter, composer Pierre Boulez and Tejano music accordionist Flaco Jiménez, will be honored during Grammy week festivities. 

The actual Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony will take place February 7th, but the artists will also be recognized during the Grammy Awards which air the next night on CBS.

*This has certainly been a good week for Joan Jett. First she gets voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and now she’s landed a gig opening for one of the best bands in the world. 

Joan Jett and the Blackheart sare  set to be the opening act for the North American leg of The Who’s upcoming 50th anniversary tour.  The tour kicks off in Tampa, Florida on April 15th, and following an April 16th show in Jacksonville, Jett will have to head to Cleveland for her Hall of Fame induction. 

“Having Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, a great American rock band, support us on our North American dates will ensure concert-goers a full night of entertainment,” Roger Daltrey said in a statement. “I love her.” Added Pete Townshend, “We’ve been very close friends with Joan Jett for a long time. She is the real deal. This will be a great night of rock and roll for everyone.”

*Kiss' Paul Stanley has a lot to say about modern music...and he's not holding anything back. In a new interview with Noisey, he explains that there are two types of music and he's only a fan of one. 

“Music is like food — there’s two kinds: good and bad," Stanley said. "I think that there’s a huge problem in that music nowadays that’s most available on the radio is mechanically produced and interchangeable, and the people singing it really aren’t singers — they’re people that go into the studio and get Auto-Tuned.”

Oh, he didn't stop there. “The music today, my problem is if you don’t wanna sing a song, then get somebody else to sing it. Because it’s faceless, and that’s the biggest problem, I think, nowadays," he said. 

*It’s a pretty safe bet that we will never see the band Styx getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the band’s former front-man Dennis DeYoung knows that all too well. In fact, in a recent Facebook post he explained his thoughts on why they will never be asked to join the HOF party. 

“Fans of bands like Styx, Journey, Boston,  Foreigner and others, are stuck with the fact that the people who decide who is worthy of induction are for the most part the same ones who never liked these bands. Anything said by any of us who were in those groups in defense will sound like sour grapes no matter how valid the statistics, how persuasive the arguments,” he wrote, adding, “Music is subjective. As the Romans said, ‘de gustibus non disputandum est,’ which kinda means ‘to each his own, said the lady as she kissed the cow’s a**.’

*Long for the 90s? Well Billy Corgan certainly doesn't. In fact, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman dismissed the decade as a "mythology." 

"Look at the numbers the DJs are making!" he told "The Guardian." "They’re kicking rock bands' ass. And we're sitting here talking about an era from 20 years ago because it's misty in people's minds. Meanwhile, there's 60,000 people in a field watching a guy with lights behind him."

As part of a band that defined a decade, Billy Corgan has been talking about the Smashing Pumpkins' heyday for a while. "In pop, you have this weird cycle where you have to have a pressing awareness of the past, constantly, and it weighs you down more than it lifts you up," he told "The Wall Street Journal." "I think I’m finally at a place where I’m jettisoning all the baggage. I don't feel like I have to play certain songs, but I don't refuse to play them either."

*The Scorpions will be celebrating their anniversary on the road. The band will kick off their 50th anniversary tour on May 8th with a show in the Czech Republic, with dates running through the spring of 2016. 

So far only shows in Europe have been announced, although there seems to be several open dates which suggests they could be adding some shows in North America.




































































































































































































  *Deep Purple will release the 40th Anniversary Edition deluxe box set of their 1972 album classic, "Machine Head," on TODAY and a new trailer has gone online to promThe new box set features five discs and will be accompanied with fully illustrated 60 page hardback booklet, housed in a luxury box.


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