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    • Mayo Clinic accused of using fudged data in fart survey!

      A press conference was held this morning in Rochester, Minnesota by a large group of the participants in the recent Mayo Clinic survey: The heartbreak of LYOF (Loving your own farts). The group is contending that the survey was not only flawed by the...

    • New DNA Evidence Reveals That the Virgin Mary Was Not a Virgin

      ROME--Biblical scholars have long been puzzled by a passage by a man named Baruch, in the apocryphal text of the same name, which reads, "Yeah. I hit on that. She was a nice piece of ass, though a bit of a holy roller for my taste." Although schol...

    • Texas Governor Rick Perry is Ronald Reagan's son by Princess Margaret

      Austin, Texas - Royal probate documents sealed under the Brits' Official Secrets Act are being subpoenaed in a Texas lawsuit alleging abuse of power by Governor Perry. Supporters of Travis County District Attorney and convicted DUI dissembler Rose...


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