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Blame Russia and Putin (BRAP) Day to become annual rite and special holiday like July 4
A new movement for a special day of celebration is popular with the President, backed by Senator McCain, with enthusiasm showing in the mainstream press. The Blame Russia and Putin Day, or BRAP Day, is gathering steam. A summer day, probably in...
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Illegal Immigrants Admit They Came to U.S. for Glenn Beck's Free Soccer Balls
McAllen, TX - A Honduran woman accidentally let the cat out of the bag yesterday when she unwittingly explained to a reporter the real reason she and tens of thousands of her fellow Latin American citizens travelled thousands of miles was for the...
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Nation's Poor Smoking More Crack Due To Pot Price Peak
A new research study out today shows that the nations poor, as defined by poverty rates, are smoking more crack than ever now that legal pot prices are souring! "I can't even afford a roach now" said 22 year old stoner Cody Nevins. "Crack is by far t...
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